David Neale

David at the Cleary Auditorium Windsor, ON

        David began his professional music career in the mid eighties. From the mid eighties until the early 90's he fronted three jazz bands on trombone.  He started playing jazz wind bass with the "Sultan's Six Dixieland Jazz Band". He was the bass player with this group until it’s eventual demise. He was mentored by Eddy White the cornet player / promoter of the Sultan’s Six. David spent many hours with Eddy learning about Jazz, and enjoying the truly great talent that was “Eddy White”. David was doubly fortunate though, because another great musician, and coincidentally Eddy’s son – “Ben White”, attended a great majority of his learning sessions with Eddy. Ben played a huge part in influencing the learning curve and the eventual bass styling that David produced. During countless hours of learning sessions David and his two teachers became very close. The friendship forged lasted with Eddie until his passing in September 2001 and continues with Ben today.

        This friendship was the spark that created the group fondly named the “Jazz Rascals”.  It was a long, sometimes tough struggle to become part of the top of the traditional jazz scene. However their belief in their product was the attitude that pushed them to the top. They played their way across Canada and the U.S. participating in major jazz festivals as well as small intimate venues. During these years they completed and successfully marketed a CD project through their own indie recording label - "BED Records". This CD displayed the multiple talents of the "Jazz Rascals". These years of experience with the White family were what molded David as a musician and performer, and gave David the ability to double on acoustic bass as well as trombone. In fact, through Ben he was able to participate on trombone in a brass section, to record with the country artist Terry Sumsion. These recording sessions produced a Christmas CD project and a single CD released in Europe titled “truck drivin' man”.

            A couple of years after the passing of "Eddy White" Ben, David and some other musician friends formed the Otterville Rock and Soul Review. This group fronted by Ben played saw some succes with a few concerts played and some studio recording sessions completed.

        Currently, David plays for several different groups primarily in the jazz vein. He is called to play sousaphone, upright bass and trombone. These groups located in Windsor, London, Kitchener and Mississauga along with the "Jazz Rascals" and "Brass N Ivory" help to fill out the gig calendar.

        Most recently, David has just finished (October 09) a 60's /early 70's pop rock CD titled "Only Classics". The content is cover material from groups such as the Classics IV, the Turtles, the Grass Roots and others of the era. David played all basses, trombone and keyboards, all lead vocals, as well as producing the project.  Also featured on this project were some very talented musician friends; Ben White engineer, acoustic guitar, backing vocals. Kerry White co-engineer and backing vocals. Paul Mitchell trumpet. Ron Brammall guitars. Trevor Teed drums and percussion. Wayne Smith baritone sax and flute. Leanne Hergott and Kathy Reynolds backing vocals. 

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